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1 Personal details

Civil status:
The email address will be used for all communication between VZM Uitzendgroep B.V. and the temporary employee. The temporary employee will see to it that he / she always has access to this email address and that others cannot use this email address.

2 Address in the Netherlands


3 Address abroad


4 Payroll tax


5 Identity details


6 GBA statement

If married: Is your partner living in the Netherlands?

7 Bank information


8 Transport

Driving licence:

9 Languages


10 Did you receive a benefit in the past year?


11 Accommodation


12 ET

Do you use ET?

13 Holiday work

If yes, what days are you available

14 Experience


The temporary employee understands that filling in this registration form incorrectly and/or incompletely may affect the registration, work offers by the temporary employment agency and the relevant temporary employment agreement. Potential adverse consequences for the temporary employee and/or the temporary employment agency of the incorrect and/or incomplete filling in of the registration form are fully at the risk and expense of the temporary employee.

The aforementioned details will be handled confidentially by the temporary employment agency and are included in the automated database of the temporary employment agency. In this respect the temporary employment agency acts in conformity with the relevant provisions set forth in the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. The temporary employee agrees that his / her identity details are made available to the client via the intranet of VZM Uitzendgroep B.V. for the benefit of obtaining work.

The temporary employee explicitly consents to the storage of his / her details and the sharing of the said details with a potential hirer. The registration form (with a potential curriculum vitae) is retained for 4 weeks, which period can be extended by 4 weeks. The temporary employee gives explicit consent to the extension by a period of 4 weeks.

As soon as the temporary employee starts performing activities within this period the details will be retained up to 7 years after the end of the last temporary employment agreement.

VZM Uitzendgroep B.V., affiliated with the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organisations and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU), is held to comply with all codes of conduct and quality requirements that derive from the conditions of the recognition scheme within the temporary employment industry, which is audited in accordance with the standards of NEN 4400-1.

VZM Uitzendgroep B.V. uses digitalised signatures and that is why VZM Uitzendgroep B.V. will only use the email address specified by the temporary employee.

Authorisations and agreements will also be sent to it for digital signature. The temporary employee is requested to return the document through digital signature. Agreements that are not returned by the temporary employee within 14 days but are being implemented by the employee (e.g. because he / she actually started working at the hirer) are deemed to have been accepted by the temporary employee. The same applies to authorisations.

A change form will be sent to the email address specified by the temporary employee. On the change form the temporary employee can indicate whether the temporary employee intends to rely on the income tax and national insurance contributions credit from the beginning or not. Unless the temporary employee indicates not to want this, the application of the income tax and national insurance contributions credit is assumed. The temporary employee can also indicate on the change form whether the temporary employee intends to rely on Holland Zorg. If the temporary employee does not rely on Holland Zorg then the temporary employee must indicate where he / she is insured against medical expenses in the Netherlands.

All forms and agreements are drawn up both in the Dutch language and in the language of the temporary employee. The content of the documents is identical and they were translated by a professional translation agency. If the temporary employee signs one document in one of both languages then this signature will apply to both languages. The form and the agreement in the Dutch language will have binding effect on account of the fact that Dutch law is applicable to the agreement.

Through signature of this registration form, consisting of 4 pages, the temporary employee agrees with everything that is mentioned and filled in on this registration form, in particular the consent to the storage and sharing of his / her data and the manner of working with digital signatures and the application of the income tax and national insurance contributions credit, unless indicated otherwise on the change form.